What happens when you hit a bit of a problem?

OK - so you and your horse are going along nicely. You're making progress and, as often happens, you hit a bit of a problem. What do you do? Well, if you're registered on the Programme you can ask for help! Sometimes a simple e-mail response will be sufficient to help 'un-block' the training process, but at other times it may help even more to see the solution demonstrated by Judith in a tailor made video. That's what this section is all about.

How does it work...

Anyone registered on the Programme can ask for support by submitting interim videos, or just asking a question via e-mail. So let's think of an example... say, for instance, you're having a bit of an issue with lope departures. You're registered, so you get in touch with us and ask for help. Depending on exactly what's happening, part of the solution might be to step back a little and use lateral flexion exercises to help your horse. In particular, some work on two-tracking and travers could really help to address the problem. We would then wait for good weather (that may take a while here in Devon), and at the first opportunity get the camcorder out and film a video response that describes the issue, explains the likely causes and demonstrates what you can do about it.  We'd then upload the video to our YouTube channel and send the link to all Registered members. The links to selected videos will also be published here for everyone to see. 

Songs Bright SparkThe benefits are obvious - not only do you get the advice and support you need, but also other riders who may have similar issues see it as well. Using the example of the lope departure, just click on the picture of Sparky (to the right) to go to a video illustrating the exercises that would help to fix the problem. [Remember that this is just an illustration - the actual video responses will include Judith talking to camera and explaining exactly what she's doing and why.]

What are you waiting for?

So it's over to you. If you're registered and have a training issue that you think will benefit from a video response, just get in touch. It doesn't matter what the issue is, it doesn't matter how small or how massive it may seem - we're here to help.

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