Useful Arena Exercises

In this section we'll be providing suggestions for, and illustrations of, various exercises that you may find useful. Many of these will be illustrated using video footage of Woody (Forest Jac) Sparky (Song's Bright Spark) or Skooter (Skip 'n Dazzle). Sometimes we'll show video of more than one of them to demonstrate the difference between the performance of horses at different stages of training, and with different physical characteristics. All three of these horses have been (and are being) trained in accordance with the Programme, and it's interesting to see the difference that a year or two makes. Woody was foaled in 2005, Sparky in 2006 and Skooter in 2007. It's easy to see that they're very different in terms of breeding and build, but they each have their own very distinct personality and temperament. In terms of their training, any horse can only progress as fast as their physical and mental development will allow. This is one of the things that makes the training process so very interesting!  We hope you find these very useful and that you enjoy watching the videos that we'll be posting on our YouTube channel.

Click here to read about the first of these exercises, riding serpentines.

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